Guidelines for Idea Selection

Ideas should address investors’ needs, in order to unlock more private investment for green infrastructure, including for large-scale renewables, distributed renewables including off-grid electricity, energy efficiency, urbanization, and others.

Submitted ideas will be assessed against criteria developed by the Secretariat and Lab Members, and specifically if they are transformative, innovative, catalytic, and actionable.

Transformative: The idea can be replicated at scale to have a transformative impact on India’s green growth.

Innovative: A justification as to why the idea is innovative; this includes a description of barriers to private climate finance that the idea will overcome directly and indirectly, and evidence as to why barriers may exist and how they may be overcome.

Catalytic: The potential of the idea to catalyze or engage private climate finance at scale, identified through market growth opportunity and/or investment potential.

Actionable: The Idea Proponent should indicate the type of organization that could be an implementer (e.g. bank, private company, industry association), the timeframe to implementation along with a set of milestones to achieve it. Any implementation challenges or risks should be identified. Idea Proponents should also indicate if they wish to implement a pilot.

The Call for Ideas for the 2015-2016 cycle closed on January 17, 2016, and on February 22, four ideas were selected to move forward for further development. The Guidelines for Ideas covers in detail the selection criteria that the India Lab used. Questions can be directed to